Why Your Company Needs A Nuans Name Search Before You Open For Business

Are you looking to open a new corporation in Canada? Before you can open for business and start reaching out to customers, one of the first things you will want to do is order a Nuans name search. Nuans is a website designed to make sure that whatever you are going to call your new corporation will not infringe upon the right of any other existing companies or trademarks. A Nuans Search Should Be One of the First Things You Do Once You Settle on a Name

Why Online Identity Management Is Important When You're A Business Owner

If you are a business owner who has not heard of online identity management before — or if you have heard of it but never really understood why it should be a priority for you — then you should consider familiarizing yourself with this process. It's important for just about anyone who spends time online to take online identity management seriously, but if you're a business owner, it's something that you should be even more focused on.