3 Important Roles Of An Active Confined Space Rescue Team Before A Rescue

The name of a confined space rescue team may seem like you would only need the professionals in the event of an emergency, but in many cases, the rescue team can provide prevention services so workers can get in and out of confined areas without any harm or issues. 

A confined space rescue team can provide you with multiple team members who play active roles during the confined space journey. Learn about each role and how they can make a huge difference in the safety and procedures during a confined space project.

1. Entry Support Worker

Getting into a confined space can present just as many challenges as getting out of a space. With the help of an entry support worker, your project will ensure a person enters in the correct position and does not run into any snags along the way. If a person enters improperly or gets tangled among support cables, then the process can completely change.

The use of an entry support worker can prevent the need for a rescue after the person needs to leave the confined area. Before the person enters, the support worker will analyze the area and pick the best methods for entry.

2. Air Monitoring Support Staff

Air monitoring can ensure the air level quality remains high enough for workers to breathe and stay healthy in confined spaces. The air monitoring workers have the training to properly read monitors, access situations, and provide supplemental oxygen when needed.

The process can help prevent breathing issues or workers who pass out due to poor air conditions. The person assigned to air monitoring will only focus on that one task so there is no oversight or issues that arise.

3. Permit Preparation & Filing

Before you or your workers head into a confined space, permits are often needed to grant permission and allow you to complete the projects. Confined space rescue teams often include members who are dedicated to providing permits and going through the proper steps to ensure permits are granted and allowed.

You do not want to face fines, penalties, or other issues if you do not follow proper permit protocols. When you rely on a professional who files permits on a regular basis, you can ensure there are delays or snags due to the permit.

Contact a confined space rescue team to set up services for all of your confined space projects. Once you have a team set in place, you can move forward with multiple projects in the future and use the same team each time.