Hire A Surveillance Expert For Neighbour Issues

It's a frustrating experience when you have issues with one of your neighbors. While you can often rectify minor squabbles with some gentle conversation, this isn't always possible. If you can't fix the situation, you may want to lodge a complaint about your neighbor with your landlord, a condo association rep, or even your local police. To avoid making what could seem like a baseless claim, you'll want evidence to support your complaint. This is a good time to turn to a surveillance expert in your area. You can meet with them, explain the situation, and ask them to conduct surveillance that catches the neighbor in the act. Here are three times to hire this expert. 


Having a neighbor steal something from you is a major invasion of your space, as well as a criminal act. If you've noticed certain things disappearing and you believe that your neighbor is to blame, a surveillance professional will work hard to capture photos or videos that support your claim. Whether it's a case of your neighbor stealing packages off your porch, children's toys out of your yard, or something else, professional-level surveillance can provide you with the proof that you need.


Some neighbors commit acts of vandalism for various reasons. Regardless of the reason, it's certainly an issue if your neighbor is vandalizing something of yours, whether it's your house itself, your vehicle when it's parked in your driveway, or your swimming pool. Vandalism can be difficult to prove, even when you contact the police, without clear evidence that shows the act taking place. Your surveillance professional will help you get the evidence that you need. For example, if your neighbor scratches the side of your car when you aren't around, your surveillance company will ideally be able to capture the act on video.


If you live in a townhome that doesn't permit pets, it can be distressing to see that your neighbor is breaking this rule by keeping a pet in their home. If you've reported the issue to your landlord, your neighbor may have simply hidden their pet prior to the landlord's visit and inspection. If you want proof of this rule infraction, a local surveillance professional can help. For example, they can capture ample footage that shows your neighbor entering and exiting their home with a dog on a leash. To learn more about how a surveillance professional can help you with various issues, find one online.