Want To Work In A Courthouse? Consider These Jobs

When you think about people who work in courthouses, attorneys and judges might immediately come to mind. While it's true that any courthouse has people who work in these careers, there are lots of other individuals who work in this environment, too. If you're interested in obtaining a full-time job at your local courthouse, there are several specific fields to consider. Depending on what education, training, and experience you have, here are some jobs that might be of interest to you.

Court Reporter

A court reporter plays a valuable role in any court proceeding. This person is responsible for creating a transcript of what people say. A court reporter sits near the front of the court and types onto a specialized machine. Working as a court reporter can be challenging; this person needs to be able to listen and type at the same time, as well as remain focused on creating the transcript instead of getting caught up in the drama of what is taking place. You'll also need to be able to type at an extremely high rate of speed. Some people in court may talk quickly, and there may be little in the way of pauses during discussions. You'll need to be able to document all of what is said in an accurate manner.

Court Security

Another job that is commonly available at courthouses is that of a security officer. Security personnel perform all sorts of duties to keep those in the courthouse safe. For example, a security officer may be stationed outside of a specific courtroom to prevent people from entering. Court security officers may also assist local law enforcement with specific tasks, such as helping to transport detained defendants from one part of the courthouse to another. Courthouses often have metal detectors at the front door, so security officers will operate these devices and ensure that no one enters the building while carrying any prohibited items.

Court Clerk

Working as a clerk is another option if you're interested in working at a courthouse. These professionals perform all sorts of administrative roles at the courthouse. Courthouses keep extensive records, and clerks are responsible for keeping these records organized. When an attorney or a judge requests a specific document, one of the clerks will make it available to them in a timely manner. Some documents are kept digitally, while others are stored as hard copies. Learn more about courthouse jobs in your community by browsing online.