Why Your Company Needs A Nuans Name Search Before You Open For Business

Are you looking to open a new corporation in Canada? Before you can open for business and start reaching out to customers, one of the first things you will want to do is order a Nuans name search. Nuans is a website designed to make sure that whatever you are going to call your new corporation will not infringe upon the right of any other existing companies or trademarks.

A Nuans Search Should Be One of the First Things You Do Once You Settle on a Name

You've talked it over with your business partners and you have a killer new name for your new corporation. But if you want to operate as a corporation in Canada, you need to do things by the book and that includes making sure your fancy new company name is not going to be confused with another existing company or trademark. This is why a Nuans search should be done as soon as you settle on a name and before you actually start the process of making a sign, office stationery, or anything else with the new name on it that will cost you money to create.

A Nuans Search May Take 90 Days or Longer

Per the Nuans website, you can expect to hear back regarding your name search in about 90 days, but note that this is not the final report and that you might have to wait longer to actually launch the business. The first report after 90 days should at least let you know though if there is a potential issue that needs further investigation or if it is likely that the name you want is available.

It's a Good Idea to Have a Back-Up Name or Two

It might not be a terrible idea to submit more than one Nuans name search for research. Because if you wait to get the report back and only then find out that you can't use the name you wanted, you might have to brainstorm a new name, resubmit it, and then wait all over again. Come up with multiple ideas for the name of your business today so that you won't be left scrambling down the line if you don't get your first choice.

Setting up a new business as a corporation is an exciting endeavor, but you of course need to make sure you stay on the right side of the law and that includes making sure your new company name does not infringe on anyone's copyright or trademark. Contact a company like Document Searching Services for more information.