How Your Business Could Benefit From 3D Printing

Does your business often work with prototypes or elaborate designs? If so, wouldn't it be great if you could take that picture or object on your computer screen and bring it to life in your office right away? That's where 3D printing comes in. 3D printing is typically done with a special printer and either ABS or PLA filaments. These materials can help you bring your latest project to life right before your eyes. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to start 3D printing at your business today.

There's No Need to Wait for the Prototype

When you finish a design on a 3D object, you might typically send it off to your production or manufacturing team so that you can put together a sample run. Manufacturing takes time, though, which means you'll be left waiting while the product you've created is put together. But with 3D printing and help from PLA 3D filaments, you can create something that at least has the basic shape of your prototype right in your office. This may allow you to test things like whether or not it's really the right size or how easy it is to hold in your hands.

3D Printing Can Save You Money

Every time you fire up the production line for a new prototype, you are spending money. You'll likely have to pay the workers that help you put it together and just the act of getting the production line ready to go with a new product can be a massive money and time sink. With 3D printing, you can get a good picture of what the final product will be without having to spend very much at all. 3D printing can also be cheaper when compared with other "test" processes like creating a mold.

3D Printing Can Impress

You can walk into your next client's office with a basic presentation and maybe a blueprint of the product, or you can actually let them hold something that looks like the product in their hands. While a 3D printing object is obviously not the final product that will come off the assembly line, it can go a long way towards helping people visualize how things are going to end up. A 3D version of an architectural design is a lot more impressive than just a piece of paper with a drawing of the design on it, for example.

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