Facts Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

In today's world of business, more and more companies are realizing the importance of making a smaller footprint on the environment. From the production line to the shipping department, your choices about being greener can make a huge difference in how much your business impacts the world around you. However, when it comes to packaging your products, you need to know that some greener choices may end up not so friendly to the environment after all.

Reducing The Amount Of Packaging You Use May Not Be Better

Unless you are wrapping your products in many, many layers of paper or other material unnecessarily, reducing the amount of packaging you do use can be detrimental to your product during shipping. The packaging you use has a responsibility to protect your product when it leaves your company. If you cut back on how much packaging you are using to for making less impact on the environment, you could be risking more damaged products. The time, money and energy used to manufacture your product is then a waste, especially when the damaged product ends up in a landfill. True sustainability starts with you properly protecting your products with strong packaging.

Be Careful About Your Choices For Recycled Packaging Materials

If you are considering using recycled paper for your packing, especially when it comes to corrugated boxes, you should know that it is not as strong as the original material before recycling. Choosing weaker packaging can mean you end up with a damaged products during shipping. With recycled corrugated boxes, you cannot know if the box was made out of weaker recycled newspapers or out of stronger recycled boxes. Also, the more times paper is recycled, the weaker the fibers in it become. Using the strongest boxes possible for your products during shipping is advised for ensuring your products make it your customers in good condition.

Plastic Can Provide The Sustainability You Are Looking For

As long as the polymer strands in plastic materials remain intact, plastics can be recycled without impacting its strength. If you are considering using a recycled packaging material for making a smaller environmental foot print, you might consider plastic being the best choice. Also, many plastic packages are able to provide your products with greater protection during their transport to your customers.

When making choices about sustainable packaging for your products, always remember the kind of protection your products need during shipping. However. You might also think about the amount of energy used to manufacture and recycle some packaging materials like paper and how that manufacturing process impacts the environment. True sustainability starts at the beginning of the recycled materials life, from the plant initially manufacturing and recycling it to the landfill. Contact top design firms for more information about graphic design and packaging.