Corporate Gifts: Proper Etiquette Rules

As a company head or employee, giving your clients and coworkers a gift during the holiday season is a nice gesture that shows you care and appreciate them. Before you make a decision on what to give the people you associate with at work, there are some important etiquette rules to keep in mind. If you follow these tips, you should have a successful gift that everyone will enjoy and appreciate. 

Check The Rules

Many corporations have strict guidelines and rules about gift giving. Be sure you're up to date on the policies in place so you don't end up having to explain yourself later. Your human resources department should have these rules in writing for your to review. It's always recommended that you check the gift giving rules in advance to avoid any issues or problems.

Client Gifts

Giving customers and clients a gift during the holidays is a nice gesture that shows them how much their business is appreciated. You can opt to purchase a large quantity of the same gift to give everyone, or you can make it more personal. If you have a small customer base, a personalized gift is ideal and shows you put thought into what you purchased. Find out what kind of hobbies or interests your client has, and try to buy something in that vein. If you decide to purchase an item in bulk for several recipients and want to include your company logo, just be sure it doesn't come across as blatant advertising. 

Think About Cost 

Cheap gifts will come across as just that, while expensive ones may make the recipient uncomfortable. In addition, your clients may have their own rules when it comes to accepting corporate gifts, so you don't want to purchase anything too lavish. It can be quite embarrassing to have a gift refused, so do your homework to make sure you don't end up going overboard. On the other hand, you don't want to look cheap, so consider a happy medium when it comes to the cost of your gift.

Other Tips

While humorous gifts are always fun to give and receive, make sure you're giving something appropriate. Alternatively, consider giving a charitable donation to an organization that your client supports. This will mean a lot to them and will show that you have a real interest in the things that matter to them. If you decide to give a group gift, such as something for the entire company, be sure you purchase enough for everyone so that no one feels left out. Put some time and effort into packaging the gift for a nice presentation. Remember that the goal of giving corporate gifts is to show your sincere appreciation for your client's business or your coworker's loyalty. 

For more info, talk with companies that supply corporate gifts and make sure to stay in contact with your human resources department.