Steps To Follow When Recycling Cans And Bottles From Your Business

If you work for a bar or restaurant that serves an abundance of alcohol and other beverages, you most likely have many cans and bottles left behind when customers leave your establishment. Rather than tossing your bottles into the trash, recycle them to save landfills from filling with materials that could be reused. Here are some steps to use when recycling:

Prepare The Containers For Recycling

Rinse all cans and bottles with water before storing them so you minimize the risk of insects and rodents being attracted to them. This will also reduce the amount of odor that emits from the containers. says that while cleaning cans and bottles may no longer be a requirement for some areas, it is still a nice gesture to the employees who have to handle the recycling material--especially since collected recyclables may not be immediately processed!

There is no need to remove paper labels from plastic or glass bottles as these will burn off during the melting process at the recycling plant. Crush aluminum cans or plastic bottles if you wish to save room in the area you store your containers before taking them for recycling. Make sure to remove caps from bottles before recycling them as the material they are made from may not be recyclable. Smaller glass pieces are not able to be easily sorted, making it important to keep bottles intact when bringing them to a recycling center. If the glass breaks, make sure that you seal it in a box or wrap it newsprint. Double-check with your facility before you give them glass shards, as some places do not accept broken pieces.

Separate Each Medium To Save Time

Set bins outside of your establishment for employees to throw used containers inside when they are empty. Glass, plastic, and aluminum should each be separated so when you bring the containers to a bottling plant, you will not need to wait to have them sorted if they do not have an automatic sorting machine. When each bin gets filled, place the contents into plastic garbage bags to transport to a recycling center.

Drop Off Your Recyclables At Special Facilities 

If you are not worried being paid in exchange for your recyclable containers, consider bringing them to a facility, like Vecova Centre For Disability Services & Research, that employs those with special needs. There are bottling facilities that use this program to raise money for the exchange of containers. The money would go directly to those with special needs and disabilities so that they can gain Independence through employment. Some facilities raise their money for medical research and to bring awareness to certain diseases. Going to one of these facilities is a great way to help someone else in a positive way. Your business will be recognized as being one that cares about those in the community, and you will feel good about reaching out to a group that will appreciate your donation.