Hosting A Summertime Bash? 3 Budget-Friendly Decoration Tips For Your Hot Tub

Summer's warm, sunny weather makes it the ideal season for hosting a number of outdoor events, from graduation celebrations to gender-reveal parties. If you plan to have a group of guests over for a backyard bash, you probably want your yard to look well-maintained and attractive. One way to accomplish this goal is by decorating your hot tub and the area around it. Here are 3 ways to transform an ordinary hot tub into a stunning fixture without spending a lot of cash.

Display Streamers and Signs

Do you decorate the inside of your home for a party? Think about what you would normally do in your living room or dining room, then recreate that look outside. You can

  • Drape waterproof streamers or a garland across the top of the water
  • Place plastic flowers or floating candles in the water
  • Tie a giant ribbon around the exterior of the hot tub
  • Hang a sign that says "Happy Birthday!" or "Congrats, Grad!" on the front and back of your hot tub

If you decide to hang a sign on the vessel, make sure you do not use pushpins or nails. These can damage the exterior of your hot tub and may even cause it to leak. Opt for a strong tape or adhesive strips instead.

Unleash Your Green Thumb

What's the area look like around your hot tub? If your vessel sits alone on a deck or in your yard, you can lend a splash of color to the area by placing potted flowers around the hot tub. You may also like the way that bonsai trees, bamboo plants, or other shrubbery look around the fixture.

Not a fan of maintaining a bunch of plants? Fake it with faux flowers and realistic-looking trees. Your guests may not even notice the difference unless they look closely--and even if they do, your yard will still look lovely.

Install Stepping Stones

Redoing your entire deck or patio can be time-consuming and expensive. Instead of replacing the entire area, improve its appearance by laying some stepping stones on the ground. This gives your backyard a polished appearance, and it also provides a convenient path for folks headed to or from the hot tub. 

You can find affordable stepping stones at most hardware stores, but you can also make your own. Many craft stores sell a cement mixture designed just for this purpose. Follow the preparation directions on the mixture's container, then paint or bedazzle the stones to your liking. 

Worried that the tips above aren't enough to enhance the appearance of your hot tub and its surrounding area? It may be time for an upgrade. Talk to a company such as J Adam & Sons Plumbing that specializes in the installation and maintenance of hot tubs to learn more about your options.