5 Tips For Clearing Out A Self-Storage Unit At The End Of Your Rental

If you're at the end of the lease of a self-storage unit and are planning on ending the rental, it's likely that you're now dealing with the task of emptying out the unit. In order for the storage unit to be emptied out so that you can get your security deposit back and keep your items intact, consider the following five tips.

Decide What Should Be Kept or Thrown Away

The first thing you'll need to address when you begin sorting through the belongings in your storage unit is what should be kept and what you'll want to toss. You may find that there are a lot of items you no longer want, making it a good idea to have sorting piles instead of simply bringing everything with you.

Ask About Recycling Services

Along with simply throwing some things away, it's a good idea to look into what can be recycled instead. You'll find with some research that everything from computer parts to books can be donated, allowing you to get rid of your extra belongings safely.

Bring the Appropriate Packing Supplies

Regardless of the size of your storage unit, it can be difficult to remove and relocate everything safely without the proper packing supplies. Bringing supplies such as moving boxes, packing tape, and even furniture dollies can all be helpful for moving your furniture as needed.

Rent a Moving Truck or Van for Larger Units

If you have a larger sized storage unit, you'll likely find that your regular vehicle just won't cut it for removing everything safely. To empty out the unit in a single trip, consider renting a moving truck or van so that you can get everything out of the unit without any trouble.

Finish Up with a Thorough Cleaning

After everything has been removed from the storage unit, it's up to you to complete a deep clean. What this will do is ensure that you can get your security deposit back, if there was one. Instead of paying extra due to leaving a storage unit in a messy state, it's best to get a broom and some trash bags and finish up with a deep clean.

Ending the rental of a storage unit requires some work due to the amount of belongings you need to take care of, but it's important that you set aside some time to figure out how to handle your belongings upon moving out.

A business like Guardian Storage Ltd Storage Solutions will also likely have suggestions on how to deal with moving your belongings out of a storage unit.