Four Things You May Want To Know About Affordable Renewable Energy

If you want to reduce your energy consumption, things like solar panels can be a great addition to your home. They can also be a costly investment, which is why you may want to consider the different types of solar systems you have installed in your home. This can be a solar panel array to produce energy or you can have solar collectors to heat water. You can also install things like windmills to produce electricity and make your home more efficient. Here are some of the energy efficient technologies you may want to consider having installed on your home:

1. Solar Panel Options For Producing Electricity

Solar panels are a great way to produce electricity for your home. Today, solar panels are available in a variety of different styles to blend in with the building materials on your home. These can be panels that integrate into roofing systems or siding on your home. These materials have several benefits; aesthetics of these integrated materials are one of the benefits. Integrated solar panels also do not require expensive racking systems, which make them an affordable option for home solar power.

2. Heating And Hot Water With Solar Collectors

Another option that you have for solar energy in your home is using solar collectors that heat water or liquid. These can be used in combination with thermal storage and hot water tanks to provide your home with heating. You can use these systems to provide your home with hot water as well, which can also have a small gas back up to heat the water when little sunlight is available.

3. Wind Energy Options For Homes

If you want to have more ways to produce electricity for your home, wind energy is another great option. These can be affordable systems that can help you to produce electricity when there is no solar energy available. If you want to have an inconspicuous wind energy system, there are also vertical windmills that are not as noticeable as typical fan type windmills.

4. Geothermal Solutions For Energy Efficient HVAC

Geothermal energy can also be used to reduce the energy costs of your home. Usually these systems consist of a ground loop buried in the ground. This loop is a circuit of pipes that acts as a heat exchanger to provide your home with HVAC. These systems can also be combined with thermal storage and other systems to help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

These are some of the energy efficient technologies you may want to consider having installed on your home. If you need help with the design and installation of renewable energy systems for your heating and hot water, contact plumbing contractor to get the help you need installing these systems. For more information, contact a business like Mayfair Gas Plumbing & Electrical.