3 Features That Will Make Your Refrigerator Easier To Use

There are some great refrigerators on the market that surpass the quality and look of fridges even ten years ago. If you are in the market for a new fridge, then here are 3 features that will make your fridge easier to use.

French Doors

First, consider buying a fridge that has French doors instead of the standard side by side doors. Even the old fashioned fridges that have a freezer on top and a fridge on bottom are not as nice as French door refrigerators for the following reasons:

  1. French doors are up on the top two-thirds of the appliance and are easy to access. Most people access their fridges more than freezers, so this layout makes more sense.
  2. French doors allow you to conserve energy because you only have to open one door unless you need to look in the entire fridge. Some of these fridges even have surface doors that open so that you can just look at the milk, juice, and condiments, which really conserves a lot of energy.
  3. They are designed with wider drawers and adjustable shelves that allow you to store bigger and longer food items.

Double Ice Makers

Some fridges come with double ice makers, which can really help when you are planning for a party or for guests to come over. For example, a double ice maker includes an ice maker in the door where the water is dispensed. There should also be an additional ice maker within the freezer. The nice thing about this feature is that you can turn it off so that you can conserve power. Forget about going to the store to buy bags of ice when your fridge can do the job for you if it contains a double ice maker.

LED Lighting

Lastly, many of the newer fridge models come with LED lighting that makes it much easier to see all around the fridge. Not only should you look for LED lights, but you should also look for one that has lights at the back of each drawer and along the sides of the fridge. These extra lights will allow you to see into the drawers easier, and you will not have to turn on the lights in your kitchen to see well in the fridge.

If you get a fridge that has these 3 features, then you will have one that is much easier to use, and you will have easier access to your daily foods. Visit an appliance store like McIver's Appliance Sales & Service Ltd today.