Expand Your Home With A Basement Excavation

When most people build their home, they build everything to their specifications. Whether it's the size of the bathroom or the layout of the kitchen space, everything is designed with you in mind. However, overtime, a growing family and a number of other factors may require that you make some reconfigurations around your home. One of these changes is a larger basement. While it was once thought to be impossible, excavation professionals can actually expand the size of your basement without disturbing the rest of your home.

Basement Excavation

In the simplest of terms, basement excavation involves the process of digging up the area around your basement. In terms of an expansion, an excavation is more difficult. With new construction the ground is wide open, making it easier to navigate. With an existing structure, it's important that ground disturbance be kept at a minimum in order to not disturb the foundation and other structures around your home.

Given the level of skill necessary to complete this process, it's recommended that you only work with an excavating company that has specific experience with basement excavations. These companies have the skill necessary to perform this task without causing damage to the rest of your home.

What To Consider

The idea of adding additional space to your home is always a plus. However, before you have basement excavation services performed, there are some important things you want to consider.

Drainage – Since you are expanding the size of your basement, make certain your drainage equipment is equipped to handle the larger area. If you have a sump pump installed make certain it is sized for your new basement. If it's too small, you could end up with excess water in your basement.

HVAC – It's also important for you to increase your supplies and returns in your basement to accommodate the new size of your basement. Failing to perform this task will cause your basement to have both hot and cold spots, making it uncomfortable, overall.

When Not To Perform An Excavation

With the many benefits of basement excavation, there are times when this might not be the right option for your home. This is particularly true when you are experiencing foundation problems. Shifting, cracking and foundational wall water leaks are problems to look out for. If you are experiencing foundation issues, have them addressed before you attempt an excavation.

As a homeowner, your first priority should be to protect your home. Address any necessary concerns beforehand for a successful excavation.